Customer Cards

Our customer cards provide health security every day of the year!


Why is it worth buying a Swiss customer card?

  • Even the smallest construction covers many medical examinations.
  • Continuous medical readiness is available 0-24 hours a day, we provide medical assistance available at any time.
  • The dedicated attending physician holds the treatments in one hand, assisting the patient in his/her recovery process.
  • Our Gold Full and Platinum Card provides a full health screening once a year.
  • The Gold and Platinum Cards include laboratory tests.
  • For those services, what are not covered by the cards, we provide partner discount.
  • Gold and Platinum Cards are also available in a family packages. The cards can be extended to the family members.
  • The immediate relatives of the cardholder can use our services with a partner discount.


Our clients with customer cards can only book an appointment by phone at +36 1 225 0566.

A dedicated contact person is available for our clients with customer cards. For more information, please contact our colleague at the following contact details:

For the content details of the Customer Card, please click here.


Dedicated contact person:

Krisztina Kertész
mobil: +36 30 223 0285
telephone: +36 1 225 0566


You can find the General Terms and Conditions of our customer cards here. You can find the attachments for our customer cards here.


In which clinical is it available?

Customer Cards

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