Outpatient services

For children under the age of 18, please find the available list of services here or select Pediatrics on the home screen of our webshop.

We kindly inform you that our webshop does not cover all the services. If you cannot find the service you are looking for, please contact our Call Center at +36 1 225 0566.

In accordance with legal regulations, we must provide data to the EESZT*. All Hungarian citizens are required to provide their TAJ* and, to protect their data, a credible proof of their identification - in the absence of these, we are unable to provide any services. For non-Hungarian citizens, who do not have a TAJ number, the number of their travel document or European Health Insurance Card will be recorded.

Please note that our Health Centers are not barrier-free. We recommend you to acquire information about barrier-free possibilities via our Call Center.

*EESZT - National eHealth Infrastructure, for further information please click here.
*TAJ - Hungarian Social Security Number

In which clinical is it available?

BUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
8 Nagyenyed Street, 1123 Budapest
ÚJBUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
6 Bikszádi Street, 1119 Budapest
PEST - Swiss Premium Health Center
Váci road 30, 1132 Budapest
Medical Office: Örs Vezér Square
1 Fehér Road, 1106 Budapest

Outpatient services

allergology allergology allergology
internal medicine internal medicine internal medicine
dermatology dermatology dermatology
family medicine family medicine family medicine
dentalhygiene - tartar removal dentalhygiene - tartar removal dentalhygiene - tartar removal
diabetology diabetology diabetology
dietetics dietetics dietetics
endocrinology endocrinology endocrinology
headache ambulance headache ambulance headache ambulance
dentistry dentistry dentistry
orthodontics orthodontics orthodontics
otolaryngology otolaryngology otolaryngology
gastroenterology gastroenterology gastroenterology
paediatrics paediatrics paediatrics
physiotherapy physiotherapy physiotherapy
hematology hematology hematology
hepatopancreas hepatopancreas hepatopancreas
immunology immunology immunology
cardiology cardiology cardiology
nephrology nephrology nephrology
neurophysiology neurophysiology neurophysiology
neurology neurology neurology
gynaecology gynaecology gynaecology
gynecological endocrinology gynecological endocrinology gynecological endocrinology
orthopedics orthopedics orthopedics
plastic surgery plastic surgery plastic surgery
psychiatry psychiatry psychiatry
psychology psychology psychology
pulmonology pulmonology pulmonology
rheumatology rheumatology rheumatology
radiography radiography radiography
surgery surgery surgery
proctology proctology proctology
oral surgery oral surgery oral surgery
ophthalmology ophthalmology ophthalmology
Fertility clinic Fertility clinic Fertility clinic
sonography sonography sonography
urology urology urology
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