With the help of E-Prescription, our patients, even from home, can simply ask the doctor to create prescriptions online, so there is no need to make a paper-based prescription and have a personal appointment with the doctor. The E-Prescription will be uploaded to the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT), which is accessible to all pharmacies in Hungary. The electronic prescription can be redeemed at any pharmacy upon presentation of an ID card and Social Security Card (TAJ).

We inform our Patients about the prescribed E-Prescription by email. The E-Prescription will be prescribed and uploaded to the National eHealth Infracructure (EESZT) at the time indicated at the time of booking.


In which clinical is it available?

BUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
8 Nagyenyed Street, 1123 Budapest
ÚJBUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
6 Bikszádi Street, 1119 Budapest
PEST - Swiss Premium Health Center
Váci road 30, 1132 Budapest


allergology allergology allergology
andrology andrology andrology
internal medicine internal medicine internal medicine
dermatology dermatology dermatology
family medicine family medicine family medicine
diabetology diabetology diabetology
other / general other / general  other / general
endocrinology endocrinology endocrinology
headache ambulance headache ambulance headache ambulance
dentistry dentistry dentistry
occupational health occupational health occupational health
otolaryngology otolaryngology otolaryngology
gastroenterology gastroenterology gastroenterology
children's ortopeadics children's ortopeadics children's ortopeadics
child traumatology child traumatology child traumatology
paediatrics paediatrics paediatrics
hematology hematology hematology
hepatopancreas hepatopancreas hepatopancreas
Cystoscopy Cystoscopy Cystoscopy
neurosurgery neurosurgery neurosurgery
immunology immunology immunology
cardiology cardiology cardiology
hand surgery hand surgery hand surgery
thoracic surgery thoracic surgery thoracic surgery
nephrology nephrology nephrology
neurology neurology neurology
gynaecology gynaecology gynaecology
gynecological endocrinology gynecological endocrinology gynecological endocrinology
orthopedics orthopedics orthopedics
plastic surgery plastic surgery plastic surgery
psychiatry psychiatry psychiatry
psychology psychology psychology
psychotherapy psychotherapy psychotherapy
pulmonology pulmonology pulmonology
rheumatology rheumatology rheumatology
surgery surgery surgery
proctology proctology proctology
exomphalos surgery exomphalos surgery exomphalos surgery
sports medicine sports medicine sports medicine
ophthalmology ophthalmology ophthalmology
Fertility clinic Fertility clinic Fertility clinic
traumatology traumatology traumatology
urology urology urology
emergency duty emergency duty emergency duty
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