Telephone Consultation

If you provide a Hungarian phone number on your Profile, the call will be initiated by the Swiss Medical doctor at the time booked on the webshop. We will ring you 3 times within 10 minutes, for 1 minute each time, so we kindly ask you to answer the call. If you have entered a non-Hungarian phone number on your Profile, please call our Call Center at +36 1 255 0566 at the booked time, and your call will be forwarded to the doctor.

Please be aware, that if you do not reply for the third call, your consultation appointment will be lost. In this unfortunate case, we consider the telephone consultation completed and refund is not applicable.

Please be prepared to tell all your complaints and questions, and to be thoroughly interviewed by our doctor.


The Telephone Consultation with a Doctor is not equal to a personal professional consultation!

Our specialist does not have the opportunity to perform physical or tool-assisted examinations during the telephone consultation, therefore they are unable to get to know all the details that are relevant to the specialist examination. Our telephone service is not fully equivalent to a personal medical examination. If our specialist still considers it appropriate to perform an examination (such as tool-assisted examinations), he / she will inform you.

In which clinical is it available?

BUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
8 Nagyenyed Street, 1123 Budapest
ÚJBUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
6 Bikszádi Street, 1119 Budapest
PEST - Swiss Premium Health Center
Váci road 30, 1132 Budapest

Telephone Consultation

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