It is recommended to drink still mineral- or tap water the day before the laboratory test, arrive on an empty stomach on the day of the test, and take your regular medications with water.


Laboratory testing may be necessary in the following cases: special hormone level determination, tumor marker test, allergy panel test. These results will help our doctors make a more accurate diagnosis.


With the help of laboratory diagnostics, it is possible for patients with complaints to: make a diagnosis, confirm and / or clarify an already established diagnosis, assess the severity of the disease, monitor the progression of the disease, check the effectiveness of the therapy and check for side effects. Patients without complaints, the primary goal may be to screen and detect abnormalities. We offer Laboratory test - Extended blood and urine test (big routine) ( T-blood count, Tg, Cho, HDL-Cho, LDL-Cho, CRP, blood glucose, creatinine, CN, alkaline phosphatase, GGT, GOT, GPT, sebum, blood collection fee) or Laboratory test - Standard blood and urine test (small routine) (RBC depression, T-blood count, urine, Na, K, blood sugar, creatinine, CN, GGT, GOT, sebum, blood collection fee) packages to assess the condition of the body. You may perform these lab tests several times a year in order to get a complete information about your condition.


In which clinical is it available?

BUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
8 Nagyenyed Street, 1123 Budapest
ÚJBUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
6 Bikszádi Street, 1119 Budapest
PEST - Swiss Premium Health Center
Váci road 30, 1132 Budapest
Medical Office: Örs Vezér Square
1 Fehér Road, 1106 Budapest
GYŐR - Swiss MiniClinic
Leier City Center, Ground floor 5. - 11. Zrinyi Street, 9024 Győr
Fürdő road 3/A, 9970 Szentgotthárd


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