Same-day surgeries are interventions in which the patient can leave on their own feet within 24 hours of surgery. With these types of interventions, the patient is exposed to less strain so they can leave safely with an attendant. Recovery takes place in your home and its environment.

Before the operation, a consultation is required with a specialist, in this case the patient can make an appointment for a pre-surgery consultation. The patient will receive detailed information from the specialist about the process and timing of the surgery and other additional tests.

We also perform surgical (hemorrhoids, lipoma removal, varicose veins, rectal fistula, hernia surgeries) and orthopedic (knee and ankle arthroscopy) surgeries.

The preoperative examination is performed according to the protocol: laboratory, chest x-ray, resting ECG analysis, anesthesiology examination, COVID test according to the law). All the required examinations for same-day surgeries are available at Swiss Premium Health Centers, so we accompany and follow our patients along the way from the onset of complaints to full recovery.


In which clinical is it available?

BUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
8 Nagyenyed Street, 1123 Budapest
ÚJBUDA - Swiss Premium Health Center
6 Bikszádi Street, 1119 Budapest
PEST - Swiss Premium Health Center
Váci road 30, 1132 Budapest


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