COVID care

At our acute COVID Outpatient Clinic (Győri út 20.) we can provide care for patients with coronavirus in the form of outpatient care. The treatment started on time saves lives and lungs! It is essential to start treatment immediately after getting infected!

When should you contact us?

As soon as possible if you are tested positive or have symptoms of COVID. Do not wait until your symptoms become severe! In addition, contact us if at any time between the 5th and 15th day after the start of the illness or treatment the fever suddenly returns or you start to cough or choke or become very weak.

Typical symptoms: low fever or fever, cough or dyspnoea. Typical symptoms are loss of smell or diarrhoea as well. In addition, headache, sore throat, muscle ache and stinging chest pain are also hallmarks. Cases that have NOT been confirmed with test will be tested immediately during our medical examination and appropriate treatment will be initiated.


In which clinical is it available?

Medical Office: Győri Road - Covid ambulance
20 Győri road, 1123 Budapest

COVID care

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